Quilting for a Cause

Some Gave All, in conjunction with Grand Old Quilt Co., is working on a special project to create military quilts for Veterans this winter.

We are asking for help in the way of donations of any old military uniforms (especially shirts as they have more useable material), tshirts, patches, etc.

This is a non profit project that provides an avenue for current and former military to support some of their own by donating uniforms and other items that they no longer wear or need.

While we will be selling some of the quilts to cover supply costs, the objective of this project is to provide quilts to Veterans in need this winter. Over 10% of the homeless population in our area are Veterans so there are plenty of men and women who will benefit from this aid.

Donations can be mailed to:

Some Gave All
PO Box 3253
Sherman, TX 75091


(left – this is all of the left over material that was unable to be recycled from a set of BDU’s that were donated to the project. It is mostly just the seams!)

Grand Old Quilt Company has generously offered their quilting experience to help Some Gave All in this endevor.

UPDATE (11/3/16): Thank you to the community for your support of this project. Because of your efforts, we have registered our non-profit with the state of Texas and are working towards 501c3 status. This change will allow us to expand our role in serving our service men and women, providing social services to active and former military members and their families. We look forward to your continued support!  
For questions regarding this or any Some Gave All charity projects please email us directly at:
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  1. A good place to get surplus military uniforms are thrift stores on and around military bases. Ask the manager to save the items for you that are otherwise unserviceable to wear or sell.

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