Fort Hood Possible Home to Illegal Immigrants

Fort Hood - TexasWhen it comes to military bases, Fort Hood has seen its share of headlines; today it added yet another to the growing list with this article featured on AirForce Times. Fort Hood, which serves as a home to around 50,000 military and civilian residents in Killeen, Texas,  could be facing a new threat as officials consider plans to use the base to house unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors. Texas Congressmen have already issued strong statements against this plan asking the Obama administration to make other arrangements for hosing illegal immigrants. As Congressman Roger Williams so quaintly put it in this article published by Fox News:

[Fort Hood] is a military base, not a daycare center.

We must remember that the purpose of these institutions are to serve our Military and their families while they prepare, train, and actively participate in safety and security measures in defense of our great nation. While I understand the need to find temporary housing until these minors can be reunited with their families, it could not be any clearer that the optimum location for such housing is not a military training facility. 

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