A Patriot A Day

The video above shows uncut film of 6 different news feeds leading up to and covering the 9/11 World Trade center attacks in 2001.

While September 11th marks arguably the greatest tragedy in American history, it also serves as a grand example of the strength, unity, and resilience of the American people. It is a day of heroes and patriots. Although Webster defines a patriot as, “a person who loves and strongly supports or fights for his or her country,” but patriots are so much more than that.

According to SFC. Roy, being a patriot means:

Loving your country and doing what it takes to secure the safety and welfare of its citizens and those you love.

While for me the word patriot represents those that hear the call of this nation and band together to proudly defend, protect, and love her and each other. Being a patriot is about reverence of the past, hope for the future, and the selfless determination and effort to make America the greatest nation on earth.

It is in this spirit that in the Presidential Proclamation issued September 10, 2015, President Obama “call[ed] on all Americans to observe this National Day of Service and Remembrance (9/11/15) with acts of selflessness and charity.”

So today we will remember, we will morn, and we will serve, we will show our respect and our love, not only for those who fell that tragic day, but for those who ran towards the danger, the firemen, the police, the brave men and women of our armed forces, who even now stand ready to give their lives in the ultimate act of selflessness for our country. Your nation is forever grateful. 

In memory of those who have proudly served, and sacrificed, our nation’s heroes and patriots, I issue a challenge: Reply to this or use #APatriotADay on twitter to share the name of someone who defines patriotism in your life; let’s collect 365 patriots, a patriot for every day.
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